Donna Nook seals

Donna Nook seals – Nov 2013

One of the advantages to living in Newark is how near various bits of countryside are. This is Donna Nook, on the North East coast of Lincolnshire. For most of the year, it is home to an RAF bombing practice range. For three months, it is home to grey seals who use it to give birth to their pups. Almost all the adults in the photos are females, 'cows'. The males, 'bulls', tend to stay just off shore and mate with the cows when they go back to sea, a surprisingly short time after giving birth.

The seals start arriving at the end of October – we went on the 17th November. Although about five hundred pups had been born in the previous week, it was still not the peak period for arrivals (both of adults and new births) and there should be even more hundreds of seals there next weekend…

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